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      Professional precision forging, casting various stainless steel, alloy steel, copper and other medium and large forging, castings, valves production.



      Jiaxing Yayida special Steel Casting Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Yada Enterprise,located in the Yangtze River Delta in Nanhu Economic Development Zone, Jiaxing city, Zhejiang Province. The plant covers an area of 15,000m2, foundry workshop 6000m2, machining workshop 3000m2. We have employees more than 100. The main products are Various grades of precision castings, Butterfly valve with GB, CB, API standard, Stop valve, Ball valve, Low temperature valve and Naval vessel valve etc.

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      Our service

      • Professional Team

        The company recruits talents, in good faith and pragmatic, will be the best quality products and supremely beautiful professional services, and sincere cooperation with foreign companies.

      • Advanced Equipment

        The company has advanced forging, casting technology and a full set of production equipment.And advanced physical and chemical analysis and testing equipment: such as spectrum analyzer, tensile testing machine, flaw detector, hardness tester, ultra-low temperature impact tester and other testing equipment.

      • Superb Process

        Using medium temperature wax, silica sol melt film casting process and friction pressure forging process,Professional precision forging and casting of various medium and large forgings and castings of different materials such as stainless steel, alloy steel and copper.

      • Technical Strength

        The company has strong technical strength, sophisticated equipment, and absorbs advanced casting technology at home and abroad.At the same time, we will recruit talented people, expand advanced production testing equipment, and continuously improve the technological content of our products.

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      Add:South of the intersection of Xinzhu Road and Xinda Road, Xinfeng Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

      Contact man:Mr. Xiang